Why can’t we, as citizens, be heard?

I completely support Eric Scholl’s proposition and hope that others, if they need any convincing about how important the conviction is, will read and share my recent post. I have sent a copy to all 100 Senators. Maybe our voices become the tree falling in the forest but maybe, just maybe, we can bring some of the Senators to the edge of the forest where they can hear the thunder.

If you would like to read the OpEd I sent to 100 Senators, you can read it in the OpEd the San Diego Union Tribune published online and in the paper this past week. https://candaceconradi.medium.com/the-lies-told-by-trump-that-told-us-the-truth-of-who-he-is-2368b937e726

Eric Scholl was correct. Trump will use his trial and sees it as a publicity stunt versus the severity of what it represents and the legacy it leaves him in the history books. He is actually proud of it. The trial, instead, is an opportunity for marketing, something he knows inside and out. He is a martyr to his followers and understands how to seduce people to his side by acting like one. He needs to be stripped of influence.

Regardless of the outcome, the GOP needs to be reminded (and supported) that it is their courage that matters to the citizens of this country, not their loyalty to Trump.

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