A Woman’s Worth

Photo by Joseph Kellner on Unsplash


Over the years I raised four beautiful children, worked full time for most of those years, managed our home and the emotional ups and downs of my little community I followed the beauty trail like a loyalist. I gained and lost weight, permed, cut, curled, and straightened my hair, had acrylic fingernails on and off over the years, rarely left my house without makeup on. With each turning page, I felt I needed all these things to have value and worth. I dreaded my husband’s yearly arrival of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, knowing that no matter how hard I worked in the gym or how loyal I was to my beauty regimen, I was not them. Had never been, not even as a teen.

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

My Poetic Tribute to Women

A woman’s worth and value:



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Candace is a published writer, teacher, coach and student of history. A wife, mother & grandmother, writing has been her life-long passion.