A Love Letter to Elected Members of the US Government

This letter is one shared with me by a friend who felt it important to support the efforts of responsible elected officials who wish to move forward with Impeachment of Donald Trump after he incited violence against our country on January 6, 2021. After we spoke, she asked if I would be willing to share it for those who would like to write or contact their elected representatives but have a hard time articulating their thoughts or what they feel. I agreed.

I understand how scary and confusing our times are. But we must trust the process of our governance. More importantly, this is a time that demands we trust and love ourselves. For those with family who refuse to acknowledge the facts, please consider that it is nearly impossible to breach the walls of a brainwashed mind. What we can do is love our friends and family who have fallen prey to Qanon and other conspiracy traps and continue to speak Truth to Power. Be safe. Be well. And above all, find peace within your heart, power within your voice. You have a sacred right to be heard by the people you trusted and voted for, the people whom you trusted would protect and preserve our freedom.

January 8, 2021

Dear Republican Congressperson:

Like most Americans on Wednesday afternoon, my husband and I were glued to the television as misguided patriots and white nationalists stormed the U.S. Capitol building. I was deeply saddened to witness this, but as most observers who have been keeping up with current events, I was not that surprised. I am writing you to ask for your help and leadership in preventing an American future filled with violent acts such as we experienced on January 6, 2021.

I am an independent thinker, though increasingly a Democratic and progressive voter. I hope my view matters even though I am not your constituent. I am a concerned American who loves this country deeply and expects that you do, too.

It has been really disturbing to see how polarized our country has become. I grew up in a United States where people of different political views could argue civilly and learn from each other. It has been strange and disheartening to see that ability fade away. For my own part, by July this past summer, I had deactivated my Facebook account because it was painful to see people — even family members — share bizarre conspiracy theories and blatant lies. My efforts to gently fact check and correct misinformation were not welcome, though I felt compelled to do so because otherwise how do you stop the snowballing impacts of lies and deception?

The impeachment a year ago was not based on spurious claims. President Trump used all the levers of power to attempt to extort the Ukrainian government to begin a sham investigation of Hunter Biden for no other reason than to discredit Joe Biden, Jr., and forestall Biden’s election hopes. I have been repeatedly shocked not by President Trump, who has never made much of an effort to disguise his self-promotion and willingness to cheat, but by you, members of the Grand Old Party. I trusted our political system, I trusted the two party system, and I trusted that men and women of honor would not permit Trump’s worst excesses. You have, with rare exceptions, betrayed that trust.

When some Republicans suggested that rather than impeach Trump, the “people” should decide by vote — I felt that was cowardly, but perhaps understandable given the political realities of the “cult of Trump” and his popularity with the base.

Well, the “people” spoke and they elected Joe Biden, Jr. Yet, even with a resounding win, you quietly — or loudly — let the President and a gaggle of now plainly disreputable sycophants (Giuliani, Powell) convince a huge segment of the population that Trump had been victimized somehow. I can empathize as a human being who has likewise made miscalculations, but, honestly, how could so many of you — specifically those who continued to “object” to the electoral verification Wednesday night / Thursday morning — deem yourselves leaders of our great nation? You are far too savvy to believe the election was stolen.

After witnessing how this President joyfully whipped up his followers to trot down the street to attack Vice President Pence and all the rest of you (should you not yield to his demands) — how could you possibly justify what we all know was an effort to cheat the voters out of their choice by voting “object.”

Five Americans have died, and we do not know how many others injured. The misguided rioters have been consuming a steady diet of lies, conspiracies and dangerous, paranoid thinking direct from the President, some of you, Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN. And the lies now continue with apparently false claims that instigators infiltrated the crowd from the far left….

Of course, there were plenty of overt racists there happy for any opportunity to start a new civil war, and you all should obviously be addressing that domestic terrorism. It’s long past time.

While it would be petty, yet somehow gratifying, to shame those of you who voted for that most recent “object” nonsense, I have a genuine desire to influence you in a positive way. To encourage you to be your best self. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Please publicly admit to Trump’s followers that they have been conned. Massively and repeatedly conned. That he, some of you, and the right wing media, have been deceiving them, and it’s been profitable. Reiterate that the election was free and fair. You can admit that this was all politics that you didn’t necessarily create, but own it that you and your peers surely did not do enough to stop it.

The successful future of our country and our democracy depends on you — the Republican Party — to correct course. Let us use this horrific Presidency to rebuild our country in a more bipartisan, harmonious and future forward direction. I know this is a big ask, but please support impeachment so that Trump’s base sees it’s not just Democrats v Republicans, but that his behavior is not legal, nor ethical.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes for creating a better future for this wonderful country. We are depending on each of you to be your best self.


Candace is a published writer, teacher, coach and student of history. A wife, mother & grandmother, writing has been her life-long passion.

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